Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Beautiful Views

I try and keep my camera in my coat at all times around here just in case I see something exciting, beautiful, weird, etc. Here are a couple random photos that I took as I was walking from building to building, the scenery is the same every day, but depending on where you are standing, it looks a little different and always beautiful. We are basically located on a frozen island ocean front facing the actual land that is Antarctica. We are on Ross Island, located 20 miles across the frozen water from the main land. A lot of the mountains that you see are islands between us and the main land or are actual mountains on the main land. Once the weather warms up, the ice will mostly melt  and I can take pictures of the same mountains so you can see the difference.

One of the first sunsets I witnessed here on the ice.

Observation Hill

The Ice Runway in it's first week of operation

This is Mount Discovery

These are nacreous clouds. They form when the temperature drops below -80 degrees in they sky. They look like a rainbow of water colors smeared across the sky.

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  1. Wow, that cloud pic is amazing! You should paint that when you get home!