Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I hate Health Insurance

As I attempt to finish up my medical qualifications, I have run into a few snags with my insurance. After reading a current post from my friend Mattie's Blog ( there was talk about how much Health Insurance in the States really does suck. I am currently witnessing a portion of this first hand.

It all started back in November when I started working through a temp agency and signed up for insurance on my first day......yes First Day! I was only working little jobs for them and never saw any medical dues coming out of my paycheck so I assumed you had to be working so many hours a week before you could qualify. Well I didn't start working full time with them until March, at which point I started investigating my benefits....(which I had signed up for 5 months prior on my first day.....yes First Day) The temp agency gave me the insurance companies number and I gave them a call, only to find out that I was never enrolled. Upon asking to be enrolled, I was told I missed the annual open-enrollment in January and would have to wait until 2012 before I could sign up.

Ahhhhhhh! How Frustrating!!!!!

So I went back to the temp agency totally confused and wanted to know why I was never enrolled back in November and if there was a valid reason, why I was never offered open-enrollment in January. I was never told who's fault it was, but they did their best and got me enrolled with the insurance company effective May 9th. Better late than never right?......Wrong.

The point of getting insurance for me was for the dental. I had chipped off one my front crowns and needed to have them replaced before Raytheon would PQ (Physically Qualify) me. I had been putting this off until I had insurance because it costs over $2000 for the procedure and I needed all the discounts I could get.

Long story short.....The insurance company wont cover procedures like these until you have been with them for 6 months. So lets do the math here. If I had been covered on the day that I signed up for this insurance (November 2010) I WOULD have  hit my six month mark in......yup you guessed it May 2011...Ding Ding Ding!!!!! I would have been covered for this procedure! But since someone screwed up, I am just about to hit my one month mark instead. And I cant wait until I hit my new 6 month mark in Oct because you have to be PQed 6 weeks before you leave, and I am guesstimated to leave in August, meaning that I need to have this taken care of by the beginning of July.

So 2 Days from now, I will be headed into the Dentists office with what money I have saved up and 2 credit cards.
In an attempt to stay positive, I will be getting brand new front teeth that will look 10x better than the ones I have now.

Until next time,

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