Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Zealand day 3 & 4

Day 3 started just as early as the day before. We got up at 2:30am for a 3:15am Shuttle pickup. We then got another phone call saying that we had been delayed by 24 hours. So back to bed we went with another free day ahead of us. On Day 3 Erin and jason decided to have a quiet day and I was invited to go with some new friends to a place called Adrenaline Forrest. This is a huge ropes/zip line course that takes about 3 hours. There are 6 different courses, each of them getting higher and harder as you continue on.

I made it through 4 courses before swinging on a rope and getting sideways body slammed into a padded tree. I thought I felt my brain shake a little. Imediately following I started getting a headach and decided to be done for the day.
While the others were continuing on the ropes, I found a neighboring park and animal farm with the biggest ducks I have ever seen. These ducks were roughly the size of lie.

And I kept hearing this static white noise and was wondering what it was. I found this random lifted dock across the parking lot and discovered we were right by the river as it was feeding into the ocean, the scenery was beautiful.

After heading back to town and having some pizza with some new friends, I headed to be early expecting a 2:30am wake up call once again.

Day 4 satrted the same as day 2 and 3. Up at 2:30am, phone call at 2:45, 24 delay, back to bed. Another free day! What are we going to do with so many free days?
Erin had picked up some brochures in her hotel "just in case" we stayed another day. And we decided we wanted to go to the wildlife open zoo. Jason wanted another quiet day, so Erin and I were off to explore!
The park was a lot of fun. We even got the chance to mingle with the natioal bird, the Kiwi. Not so cute in real life.

We hit up the mini ropes course, fed the Giraffes, ate with the Rinos, and got up close with the Leopards. The Leopards were both our favorite, they reminded us of our own cats. There were purring, and letting the zoo keepeer pet them and rub them down, and just playing with eachother.

The park was very spacious and there were even times that we found ourselves just walking through a beautiful landscape.

Then back to the hotels we went for another early night and the the 2:30am wake up call.
Will we ever get to Antarctica?

Autumn :)

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