Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 1 & 2 in New Zealand

Once we arrived in Christchurch, NZ we were all exhausted and pretty much just headed to bed to get some decent sleep. The next day we were off to the CDC (Clothing Distribution Center) to try on our ECW Gear (Extreme Cold Weather Gear.) Dan, Dawn and Myself had our fittings at 9am and Erin and Jason had theirs later on at 1pm.

Once we done trying everything on and getting our Flu shots, Dan and Dawn invited me to come with them to Southshore Beach. So we hopped on the bus and headed out to the ocean. It was a beautiful day but a bit chilly. Since it is winter time in New Zealand, pretty much everything was closed for the season. So we got some coffee, took some pictures, and caught the next bus back into town.

Later we met up with Erin and Jason for some drinks and Dinner.

Day 2 started early, we were scheduled to be picked up at the hotel at 3:15am. Well, the weather was really bad on the Ice so they delayed us until 7:15am. We then were further delayed until the next day so we ended up with a free day. So we (Erin, Jason, Dan, Dawn, and myself) took the bus out to Sumner beach to check it out. And as the days before, it was a little cold so we grabbed some coffee and a snack before heading back into town for some dinner and getting to bed early for another attempt to get up at 3:15am.

This is Erin making me feel loved by writing my name in the sand

Sumner Beach

My Vanilla Latte and Lemon Pistachio Bar....yummy!

If you think you know what happens next, you might be surprised.

Autumn :)

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  1. Love the picture of Sumner Beach...Beautiful shot! I am drinking my latte while I read this :o)