Monday, February 20, 2012

The Observation Tube

At the beginning of the season, when it is a lot colder here, the ice closest to land is pretty thick and solid for the most part. This year they were able to instal the Observation tube for everyone one to use. It is this long tube that goes down through 6-8 feet of ice and into the water. Connected to the bottom is a little room that barely fits one person. Its made of all windows so you can look in every direction under the water. As you will see in the first picture, they shovel the snow off of the ice and it allows the sun to shine through and lite the water up.

I thought this would be a lot of fun. Dawn went first and had a blast. While she was down there we could hear seals making noises and it would echo up through the tube. She never saw one, but it was really cool to hear the sounds. Then it was my turn. The tube was a little snug to start, and the steps were off set from eachother and far enough apart that you really had to bend your knees to get to them, not so easy in a tiny tube. Once you get to the little room at the bottom, the steps dissappear and there is just this little rope ladder with wooden steps, that swings when you step on it!

Ok, whew! I finally made it to the bottom and looked out into the water. It was dark and murkey and I couldnt see anything at first. As my eyes began to adjust, I could see where the land was by the shore and how quickly it declined into nothingness below me. Thats when I realized that I didnt want to be in this tiny little tube under 8 feet of ice with only one tiny way out. That anything could come swimming at me at any moment and scare the crap out of me. I snapped a few shots and pretended to be having fun and started to climb back up. Again, not the easiest thing, that darn swinging ladder made it near impossible for me to get my bent knee and then my foot on that first metal step of the tube. I ended up doing a pathetic half pull-up before I found the step. And then it was a slow tight climb back to the top. I think in the end, I was in there for less that 5 minutes.

One for the books, but not something that I would like to do again.
On to the next adventure!

-Autumn :)

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