Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pegasus Crash Site

Ok, I have been holding out on making this post because I don't have all of the accurate history of what really happened. But alas, the pictures are pretty cool and I did have a lot of fun. So, here is the Autumn version of Pegasus Crash Site:
(Please note that the following story is only about 5%-ish accurate and mostly made up)
Back in the 1970's a big plane was on its way to Antarctica to drop off some seals that had been born in captivity and were ready to live in the wild. Mid flight the weather took a turn for the worse and they got caught in a snow storm. They couldn't see anything and had no idea where they were going. They flew around for so long that they started running low on fuel. The seal tranquilizers were wearing off so they couldn't turn around and fly the whole way back to New Zealand. They decided to make a blind landing and hope for the best. They found the ground, but not before the plane caught a gust of wind and tilted them sideways ripping one of the wings completely off. This woke the seals and they started rolling about. As the plane crashed onto the Ice shelf it slid to a stop just before falling into a huge crack. The weight of the seals rolling around caused the plane to tilt toward to open hole left by the wing that had been ripped off and the seals fell right into the big crack reaching the water in record time.
Their mission had been completed successfully!
The good people of McMurdo drove out to the site and rescued the men before frostbite set in and everyone lived happily ever after. The End.

The plane now sits near our Airfield and people are allowed to visit the site and climb around. Over the years it has become more and more buried by snow drifts, but it is still an amazing site to see a plane crash in Antarctica.

Enjoy the photos!

If anyone would like the real story of what happened to this plane, I can ask around and get the real story for you.

Til Next Time,
Autumn :)


  1. I like this story better! Stick to it.

  2. My father was onboard this plane when it crashed. He was in the Navy (SeaBea) stationed to Antarcica. I'm so glad he survived otherwise I would not be here today. Here is a link to the real story of the crash . . .