Wednesday, January 4, 2012

South Pole Traverse

As I continue to collect photos of my adventures down here, I also get the chance to see pictures and videos of the adventures that other people down here get to experience. I came across this video today of the South Pole Traverse from last year. The SPT is a group of people that load up a bunch of fuel and drive across Antactica from McMurdo to our South Pole station. They pull all of the fuel and housing and necessities on these sledded platforms attached to these huge tractors. The tractors pull everything at about 7mph so it takes about 1 month to get there.
Why do they do this? Well, the fuel is used to pretty much run the South Pole station and it is much cheaper to drive the fuel there than it is to fly it there in a tiny plane and take multiple trips. So once a year, they load up and deliver the Fuel to the South Pole. This years crew left at the beginnign of November and got the the Pole on December 3rd. They have since left and headed to a field camp and will then head back to Mcmurdo.
Enjoy the Video, its a real Antarctic experience what these people are doing.

2 Months Left!

Autumn :)

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  1. Truly amazing video of south pole traverse. I like the big ice berg which you have shown above. I did have also project in Antarctica and i have captured those memorable into my HD Canon. It was my thrilling experience when i have saw first Ice Berg in Antarctica.